Tuesday, November 22, 2005

SMP Catfight

Just when you thought the drama was over.
The actual resolution to terminate the project remains unsigned...On the night the board passed the resolution, there were only four board members present.

[Cindi] Laws [SMP Secretary] says you need at least half the board for a quorum and she says because the board currently has nine members, it takes at least five to make any meeting official.

But the Monorail's legal counsel says in his opinion it only takes four.

"There are eight board members," said Ross MacFarlane, Monorail general counsel.

MacFarlane says the ninth board member has no voting rights, so she doesn't count... Cindi Laws says another problem is that the Monorail board passed the resolution without allowing public comment.

The Monorail staff attorney says the public already spoke at the ballot box.


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