Thursday, July 14, 2005

Seattle Metblog Shoutout

Joshc of Seattle Metblog fame, gives the Seattle Monorail Blog a shout-out, and links to a great collection of vintage Seattle Monorail postcards. Also on that postcard page is the text of a letter recommending the Seattle Monorail as a city landmark. It includes some intersting facts about the monorail system
With two trains operating, each on a ten-minute headway from each station, and each train capable of carrying 450 passengers, each station had a required throughput capacity of 10,000 passengers per hour. Thus the significant feature of the Seattle Center station is not seen in the architectural design, or the styling, but in the functional ability of its design to facilitate the movement of 10,000 train passengers per hour, and to do it without expensive or elaborate moving parts such as gates or other barriers, and with a minimum staffing requirement.
To put that into perspective, the London Underground moves about 125,000 passengers per hour.


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