Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Seattle Monorail Hearing, First Person Account

Christian Gloddy from Obvious Diversion recounts his experience at the July 7th Monorail Hearing. He kept a count of whether each speaker was pro, anti, or undecided.
The total at the end of the evening was, as you can see in the picture, 34 who want to continue to pursue the monorail, 27 who want the monorail to meet it's death, and 11 that I just couldn't tell where they wanted the project to go. Many of the people in the third category had some great input on the situation, but didn't necessarily reveal what they thought we should do next.
He also includes video clips and quotes from some citizens.

The most poignant quote was from a young woman named Laura
"I think I'm here representing a crowd that doesn't really turn out at events like these and that's the under thirty crowd because we don't sit around and we don't make stickers about things we don't want to see. We just don't have that kind of time."
More on Christian in a few.


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