Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Accountability is target of monorail resolutions

The PI is reporting of SMP board-member Cleve Stockmeyer's two steps toward accountability: board elections and ruling out tax a increase
Steps will be taken today toward having voters elect most members of the Seattle monorail agency board and to committing that board to reject tax increases as a way to solve the problems the line is facing.

Resolutions will be offered by Cleve Stockmeyer, one of two elected board members, who said the recent blowup over the monorail project and its financing makes the timing right for the change...

Last week Stockmeyer said there's no apparent public support for a tax increase. Seattle residents currently pay a 1.4 percent motor vehicle excise tax to pay for the West Seattle-to-Crown Hill monorail they approved in 2002.

The resolution also will ask staff to draft an alternative proposal to have all members elected, Stockmeyer said.

Currently all but two of the nine-member Seattle Monorail Project board are appointed -- nominated either by the board itself, the mayor or the City Council. Stockmeyer's proposal would have five members elected.


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