Thursday, September 22, 2005

City Council to Nickels: Oh no you di'n't, girlfriend

Scooped by seattle metblog, who points readers to City Council's procedural slap across Mayor "Gridlock" Nickels' face
Seattle City Council members decided this morning they will not put a monorail advisory measure before voters in November.

Instead, a proposed resolution gives the Seattle Monorail Project until Dec. 23 to write its own new plan for the Feb. 7 ballot, or the council would refuse cooperation, and urge the 2006 Legislature to dissolve the SMP. The council plans to vote on the resolution tomorrow.

Last Friday, Mayor Greg Nickels said he would cancel city street-use agreements for monorail construction, and demanded either a new SMP plan for the Nov. 8 ballot, or the city would write an advisory measure. Neither seems likely right now.
City Council's move really makes Nickels look like he's incapable of running this city. How can he make future ultimatums to anyone if he can't even get City Council to go along with his temper tantrums?

The PI covers the story as well.


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