Friday, August 19, 2005

Monorail in the news

In The Times
Preliminary figures released last night indicate that simply shortening the monorail line may not solve the Seattle Monorail Project's money shortage. The agency needs to find additional savings.
and an editorial in The Stranger
Critics have every right to lambaste the SMP's financial plan, but they're being disingenuous (or ignorant) when they switch into "I told you so" mode...

Seattle needs elevated rapid transit, and Seattle voters have backed it time and again. We're willing to put our trust in Seattle voters. A new campaign will force a discussion of what's really at issue—the financial plan, not the concept or technology. Voters deserve an unfettered look at a finance plan that can support a system they've already approved. They don't need cynical opportunists with ulterior motives—people who've lost on this issue over and over again—hijacking the debate.


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