Thursday, September 08, 2005

Cutting $4 - 6 billion from the price tag

2045seattle brings us some good news this evening
Independent consultant Kevin Phelps has some good news: he's figured out how to save at least 4 billion dollars and possibly as much as 6 billion dollars and we still get all 14 miles of our monorail. In his own words, "An acceptable, defensible finance plan is within reach".

For the sake of comparison, here’s a look at the cost difference.

Dead Nightmare Plan: $11 Billion over 53 years
Kevin's Current Plan: $7 Billion over 39 years
Kevin's Possible Plan: $5.3 Billion over 35 years

Mr. Phelps has more work to do to get the cost of the project down, but between him and our new director John Haley, it looks like we may have a deal worth signing in the near future.
Sorry for the lack of posting, we're in crunch mode at work and I've been out of town, but there's a lot of monorail news to be had. You can keep up on the latest with a subscription to monorail google news alerts.


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